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Pet-Ritz Deep Dish Pie Crusts

Pet-Ritz Pie Crust
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70 days ago
Where can I buy the Deep Dish Pie Crusts in West Los Angeles?
104 days ago
I dont understand why vegetarians are looking at a convenience food, designed to be used by the masses, instead of a vegetarian website. As if the company owes them recipes and products for a lifestyle they chose for themselves. Please try Healthy I am sure you will find things that appeal to you there.

164 days ago
Vegetarians like pie, too. However, we sure don't like Lard. Any chance for a lard free crust?

188 days ago
I will NEVER EVER purchase another "pet-ritz" frozen Pillsbury crust! EVER! I have been baking for 15 years and have used several other types of crusts - both frozen and home made. This is the first - AND LAST - time I will ever use Pillsbury. They were cracked (in the package), THIN, and the edges were extremely LOW making the filling spill over ALL OVER THE PLACE. They did NOT perform well at all even when pre-baked prior to filling - and it was tasteless and not at all "flaky". TERRIBLE CRUSTS!!!!

196 days ago
I would love to be able to buy deep dish 4 or 5 inch pie shells in the disposable pan like the full size deep dish pie shells. Two or three person size. Yes, I know I could buy the box of pie shells and buy small pans or use muffin tins and then cut down the shells but I would like them ready to go.

201 days ago
How many cups volume are the deep dish frozen pie crust

204 days ago
I use pit-ritz for all my pumpkin pies, but the crust seems to stay soft on the bottom. Should I pre bake for a short time??