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Pet-Ritz Deep Dish Pie Crusts

Pet-Ritz Pie Crust
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5 days ago
Does this crust use vegetable shortening? Have been waiting a long time for that.

12 days ago
I purchased a package of the Pillsbury double crust frozen pie shells. Question: It states if you are making a covered pie, let one pie shell sit until it is workable to place it on top of the pie. I did and the dough was grainy and did not look right and fell apart easily.

This was a waste of my money and I don't appreciate having to go to the store, purchase the product and then sit here and tell the company (Pillsbury) that I, in essence, have been taken by a very poor product! Not a happy customer. Why was it grainy?

16 days ago
i love using this for all my sweet potato pies for thanksgiving. i make about 28 to 32 pies every year i give the pies away to family and friends but i wish i had coupons for this item.l

33 days ago
I usually love Pillsbury products however; the pie crust had fallen apart when I pulled it out of the bag. Completely disappointed.

61 days ago
Why are the crusts falling apart when I try to get them out of the pan? Everything winds up being a royal soggy mess on the plate.

70 days ago
I have used Pet Ritz regular crusts twice in the last 3 months. Both times the pie crusts were so thin I could not get the pie slice out of the pan without it falling apart. They were soggy, even though I had baked them plenty dark enough. I have used this brand for years, but obviously y'all are skimping now and that is why the crusts are so thin. I will buy another brand from now on. I am very disappointed.

228 days ago
Where can I buy the Deep Dish Pie Crusts in West Los Angeles?

321 days ago
Vegetarians like pie, too. However, we sure don't like Lard. Any chance for a lard free crust?

346 days ago
I will NEVER EVER purchase another "pet-ritz" frozen Pillsbury crust! EVER! I have been baking for 15 years and have used several other types of crusts - both frozen and home made. This is the first - AND LAST - time I will ever use Pillsbury. They were cracked (in the package), THIN, and the edges were extremely LOW making the filling spill over ALL OVER THE PLACE. They did NOT perform well at all even when pre-baked prior to filling - and it was tasteless and not at all "flaky". TERRIBLE CRUSTS!!!!

354 days ago
I would love to be able to buy deep dish 4 or 5 inch pie shells in the disposable pan like the full size deep dish pie shells. Two or three person size. Yes, I know I could buy the box of pie shells and buy small pans or use muffin tins and then cut down the shells but I would like them ready to go.