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Pillsbury® Original Crescents

Original Crescent
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    WingsFan4Life323 days ago
    Is it possible to freeze unused crescent rolls? Or is this a very bad idea?
    sealscooking291 days ago
    Make something with them, then freeze the baked product.
    Dustybucket48 days ago
    stuff them with something like cheese and pepperoni then freeze them. then when you want a couple just take them out the night before and thaw them in your refrigerator and just  bake them the day you want them.
     i have done that and it works really well.
    Are these (or other Pillsbury rolls) Kosher?
    tholmes45372 days ago
    I really wouldn't want to eat these any ways, wow, there is enough chemicals in these things to light up a small city...
    Dustybucket48 days ago
    did you write the pillsbury company about this???
    Kiminez392 days ago
    I thought the site would have helpful hints somewhere, I live by myself and would like to make 2 crescent dogs. How long can I store the unused crescent rolls? I don't think I really want them 4 days in a row especially since this will be my first time having them at age 54!!!!
    dburd78387 days ago
    I suggest getting a smaller package, or making regular crescent rolls with the remaining dough. I don't think it stores well once the seal is broken on the pack.
    Dustybucket48 days ago
    well you can use the rest of the crescent rolls to stuff them with different meats and cheeses roll them up put them into ziploc bags and freeze them it works great. freezer meals are really good.
    Dustybucket48 days ago
    well after the seal is broken Dburd78 you can roll the extra crescent dough out put different meats and cheeses or what eve sweet ingredients you want on them roll them back up bake the sweet ones put them in the refrigerator. and freeze the savory ones without baking them first after you put them in zip loc bags. works good. freezer meals are great.
    Trixie1941715 days ago
    Is it ok to eat the crescent when they have a sell by "June 2013"?