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Pillsbury® Original Crescents

Original Crescent
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    WingsFan4Life268 days ago
    Is it possible to freeze unused crescent rolls? Or is this a very bad idea?
    sealscooking236 days ago
    Make something with them, then freeze the baked product.
    Are these (or other Pillsbury rolls) Kosher?
    tholmes45317 days ago
    I really wouldn't want to eat these any ways, wow, there is enough chemicals in these things to light up a small city...
    Kiminez337 days ago
    I thought the site would have helpful hints somewhere, I live by myself and would like to make 2 crescent dogs. How long can I store the unused crescent rolls? I don't think I really want them 4 days in a row especially since this will be my first time having them at age 54!!!!
    dburd78331 days ago
    I suggest getting a smaller package, or making regular crescent rolls with the remaining dough. I don't think it stores well once the seal is broken on the pack.
    Trixie1941659 days ago
    Is it ok to eat the crescent when they have a sell by "June 2013"?