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What Makes a Maker?

A Pillsbury editor revels in celebrating everyday makers, readers like you who create memorable moments for others.

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Alyssa Vance
As Pillsbury editors, one of our goals is to applaud makers. What defines a maker? Well, it’s pretty straightforward (and if you’re reading this, it’s safe to say you are one). Makers handcraft everyday moments – in our case mostly via tasty dishes – to create memorable moments for others. Ever slapped together a PB+J sandwich for your little one’s lunchbox? You’re a maker. Did you get that dinner on the table in 30 minutes flat? You’re a maker (and I’m impressed). Have you organized a holiday dinner, dessert buffet included? You’re a maker. You get the point. Makers “make” moments. And at Pillsbury, we’re always looking for ways to celebrate those feats. 

As I read stories from our makers via our We Heart Makers program, Editors’ Blog and Bake-Off® Contest contestants, my mind naturally considers the makers in my own life. I see them every day in all forms: friends carving out time to host dinners, coworkers bringing in treats to share with our team, holiday dinners hosted by family. I don’t know if they all realize the impact their efforts have on their recipients. 

No surprise here, but the most influential maker in my life is – hands down – my mother. She passed away in 2005. My mother showed me how to make a kitchen the epicenter of a home. I was always blown away to watch her coordinate and host Thanksgiving dinners for 20+ guests, entertain for friends on the regular, make family meals every night of the week (on top of a demanding career) and cook my dad a gourmet dinner every Friday for their own version of “date night.” She brought me into the kitchen as a child, and I still use the tips and tricks she taught me then in my current cooking shenanigans.

Even if you’re not in the mood for a cheesy, reflective read right now, I ask that you take a moment to consider all the makers in your own life; give them a well-earned round of applause and gratitude for the moments they create. (And give yourself a pat on the back, too, because you’re one of them.) 

Who are some of the most influential makers in your life?

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