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Bake-Off® Contest Finalists

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Sausage-Pancake Muffins

Rebecca Fink

   West Lawn, PA
Weekend Breakfast Wows

All of the delights of a pancake-and-sausage breakfast can be savored in muffins made from sugar cookie dough. On-the-go breakfast? Yes!

Grilled Potato and Roasted Salsa Verde Pizza

Greg Fontenot

   The Woodlands, TX
Amazing Doable Dinners

Make it melty, cheesy, meatless pizza night! Pillsbury pizza crust makes it easy.

Orange-Glazed Biscones

Gina Fugazzi

   Centennial, CO
Weekend Breakfast Wows

Biscuits? Scones? Change the shape of biscuits into sweet scones and call them biscones!

Roasted Poblano Chicken Pizzettas

Edwina Gadsby

   Hayden, ID
Amazing Doable Dinners

Make personal-size pizzas with chicken, chiles, chicken, veggies and lots of melty cheese.

Triple Ginger-Lemon-Cornmeal Cookies

Jennifer Gentry

   Steamboat Springs, CO
Simply Sweet Treats

Pack a triple punch of ginger zing with a cookie that gets a quick start from Pillsbury sugar cookies.

Creamy Peanut Butter-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

Klaren Gerhart

   Bloomfield Hills, MI
Simply Sweet Treats

Chocolate and peanut butter team up in this gluten-free cupcake delight!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Snack Mix

Sonya Goergen

   Moorhead, MN
Simply Sweet Treats

Gluten-free munching? Mini gluten-free cookies partner with Chex™ cereal for a sweet-and-salty mix.

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Ann Goncheroski

   Wilkes-Barre, PA
Amazing Doable Dinners

Ooey, gooey, double grilled cheese -make sandwiches quickly with pizza dough!

Curry Chicken-Crescent Wontons

Rozanne Gooding

   Carlsbad, CA
Savory Snacks & Sides

Party time! Add a cheesy chicken appetizer to your munchies offering.

Herbs and Seeds Parmesan Crackers

Merry Graham

   Newhall, CA
Savory Snacks & Sides

Turn gluten-free pastry dough into homemade crackers with a little bit of Parm and a lot of flavorful seeds and herbs.

Chorizo-Potato Mini Tostadas

Lidia Haddadian

   Pasadena, CA
Savory Snacks & Sides

Happy Hour! Pair margaritas with these sausage and potato Mexican appetizers.

Bacon and Date Cinnamon Roll Strata

Rita Hattrup

   San Rafael, CA
Weekend Breakfast Wows

Easy brunch? Make a simple strata with cinnamon rolls and a bit of sweet-and-salty uber goodness.

Creamy Chipotle Butternut Squash Soup with Onion Crescent Rounds

Ann Hillmeyer

   Sandia Park, NM
Amazing Doable Dinners

Create homemade soup and a new twist on crescents for a satisfying supper ready to serve in under an hour.

Strawberry-Cinnamon Roll Belgian Waffles

Kelly Humphreys

   Vancouver, WA
Weekend Breakfast Wows

No-mess waffles? Cinnamon rolls are the secret. Fresh strawberries and whipped cream create the ooh, la, la topping.

Chocolate-in-the-Middle Biscotti

Marcia Jacobovitz

   Cedar Grove, NJ
Simply Sweet Treats

Biscotti, the twice-baked cookie now struts a secret center filled with ultimate chocolate. Hurray for gluten-free cookie dough!

Open-Face Italian Turkey Sandwiches

Linda Jumonville

   Metairie, LA
Amazing Doable Dinners

Hot turkey and cheese on crusty French loaf - come and get it!

Cherry-Vanilla Dutch Pancake

Lauren Katz

   Ashburn, VA
Weekend Breakfast Wows

Gluten-free pastry? Mix it up and voila! You'll have the best Dutch pancakes with sweet cherries.

Triple-Layer Cheesy Ham and Cauliflower Sandwiches

Heidie Kautz

   Gibsonia, PA
Amazing Doable Dinners

Stack it up - layers of ham, cheese and cauliflower on warm, flaky biscuits.

Tropical Honey Butter Breakfast Rolls

Rhodora Keegan

   Virginia Beach, VA
Weekend Breakfast Wows

Biscuits make the best breakfast buns! Simply shape the biscuit around a sweet filling for a fun surprise.

Chocolate Chip-Espresso-Almond Bars

Sharon Kershner

   Fleetwood, PA
Simply Sweet Treats

Jump-start gluten-free chocolate cookie bars with ready-to-use gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough.