Bake-Off® Contest Finalists

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Toffee Roundabout Sandwich Cookies

Joanne McGhee

   Dothan, AL

There's a dreamy, creamy, chocolate filling sandwiched between peanut butter cookies and then rolled into crunchy toffee bits.

Decadent Chocolate Chip Cake

April Timboe

   Siloam Springs, AR

It's gluten-free magic! Turn gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough into an indulgent cake and frosting. Voila!

Simple Spanakopita Pie

joanne catanzaro

   Tucson, AZ

Gluten-free pastry dough puts a new spin on a classic spinach, onion and cheese-filled pie.

Muffuletta Mini Pies

MaryJo Watkins

   Scottsdale, AZ

Ready-to-use pie crust makes quick work of savory little pies with three deli meats and olives.

Chorizo-Potato Mini Tostadas

Lidia Haddadian

   Pasadena, CA

Happy Hour! Pair margaritas with these sausage and potato Mexican appetizers.

Chocolate Doughnut Poppers

Megan Beimer

   Carlsbad, CA

Baked doughnuts, not fried, have an ooey, gooey chocolate center to discover. A sweet glaze ups the irresistible.

Bacon and Date Cinnamon Roll Strata

Rita Hattrup

   San Rafael, CA

Easy brunch? Make a simple strata with cinnamon rolls and a bit of sweet-and-salty uber goodness.

Salted Caramel-Cashew Cookie Tarts

Natalie Morales

   Oakley, CA

A little bit of sugar cookie. A little bit of cashew butter. A little bit of caramel. A little bit of chocolate. AND a little bit of sea salt in one awesome bite! What's not to love?

Curry Chicken-Crescent Wontons

Rozanne Gooding

   Carlsbad, CA

Party time! Add a cheesy chicken appetizer to your munchies offering.

Easy Double-Chocolate Brownies

Michelle Matoba

   Fair Oaks, CA

Home-baked gluten-free brownies with just seven ingredients. Ready. Set. Bake!

Chicken Florentine "Gnocchi"

Shana Butler

   San Diego, CA

Crusty French loaf creates the "gnocchi" in this quick 30-minute, chicken-and-spinach skillet dinner.

Cherry-Orange Pull-Apart Breakfast Bread

Maria Rokas

   San Francisco, CA

Sweet, buttery pull-apart bread is made easily by a fast cutting-and-stacking dough technique.

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Waffles

Julee Shapiro

   Los Angeles, CA

Turn gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough into scrumptious waffles. It's delicious magic!

Navajo Chicken Tostadas

Sindee Morgan

   Windsor, CA

Got 30 minutes? Serve up creamy, saucy chicken on a homestyle buttermilk biscuit.

Mini Mexican Gorditas

Gary Smith

   Santa Rosa, CA

It's fiesta time! Grands! biscuits take on a cheesy-sausage mix with a fresh avocado topper.

Greek-Style Meatball Bites

Susan Krauss

   Redwood City, CA

Perfectly seasoned meatballs bake in pizza dough cups. Top these appetizers in a snap with a purchased Greek sauce.

Chili-Coconut Shrimp Tacos

Kalani Allred

   Loomis, CA

Change up taco night with sweet coconut shrimp, jazzed up guac and biscuit rounds.

Carnitas Gorditas with Creamy Chipotle Sauce

Holly Melville

   Hesperia, CA

Switch up tradition and use Grands! biscuits to create gorditas. Pork, corn salsa and sour cream with chiles complete the fiesta of flavors.

Cheesy Cauliflower Tartlets

Laureen Pittman

   Riverside, CA

With appetizers this easy, you can party every night! Flaky pastry cups hold a cheesy, bacon and cauliflower filling.

Herbs and Seeds Parmesan Crackers

Merry Graham

   Newhall, CA

Turn gluten-free pastry dough into homemade crackers with a little bit of Parm and a lot of flavorful seeds and herbs.