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Sweeps Eats

Get ready for one of the craziest months of prime time with show-themed food and drink.
Vampires, zombies and werewolves, oh my! Supernatural dramas are all the rage this year. They’ve got crazy plot twists, heart-pumping battles and some of the hottest living dead around. Invite friends over for the next episode and munch on these spooky snacks.
Scouring the store for vintage wear? Listening to tunes from the ‘60s? Perfecting that housewife hairstyle? You’re not alone. Retro dramas are hot this year, and we just can’t get enough. Mix a cocktail and indulge in the latest episode where the drinks are flowing, the dining is first-class and the scandals are plentiful.
High-speed chases, murder mysteries and puzzling whodunit cases are what keep us tuning in to the always-popular crime shows week after week. Channel your inner detective, grab a doughnut and crack the case before the end of the hour.
Indulging in your love of OMG moments has never been more fun. With all of the drama and plot twists, the unscripted lives of reality TV stars are better than a night at the movies. The only thing missing? Popcorn. These over-the-top treats are the perfect fix.
There’s no such thing as a secret (at least, not for long) in these upstairs-downstairs dramas, where gossip and intrigue are the name of the game. But none of it seems as down and dirty when delivered in oh-so-charming British accents. Serve up a U.K.-inspired meal while enjoying the devious doings from across the pond.
Office pranks and awkward family reunions might have you wondering if your life is a scripted TV show. But fear not! These “mockumentaries” will make any house or workplace look normal in comparison. Schedule a pizza night with friends and LOL at the characters’ crazy lives.
Think you have what it takes to select America’s next music sensation, or spot a perfect foxtrot? Time to bring your A-game. Talent competitions are more popular than ever, and it’s up to the people to decide who’s crowned champion. Being a judge is hard work, though, so reward yourself during the next show with an indulgent dessert.