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International Sporting Party

Host a bash to cheer on your favorite athletes—and add some friendly competition of your own.
brownies with flags

Party Theme: May the Best App Win!

Here’s how it works: Each person arrives with an hors d’oeuvre from a different country to enter into the competition. Depending on your guest list and how you like to entertain, you can either assign specific dishes in advance or assign specific countries and let your guests’ creativity run wild.

Clear some space on a buffet table to arrange each of the competing dishes. Place two cards in front of each appetizer–one with the dish’s name and its country of origin, and the second for scoring. Designate categories such as “Taste,” “Presentation” and, if it fits, “Originality” and have tasters leave their rankings (1 – 10) after they’ve evaluated each dish. Before serving dessert, tally the scores, and then present the winners with mini gold, silver and bronze medals.

See our recipe suggestions above for menu ideas to get you started.


Party Décor: International Accents

Purchase gold, silver and bronze medals to make a ceremonious presentation to the guests with the winning dishes. National anthems optional, of course.

These too-cute Cupcake Toppers are both timely and conversational. Try them as decorations for Luscious Caramel-Brownie Bites or Frosted Sugar Cookies.

Decorate each appetizer with a flag toothpick that represents that country.

Or, create bouquets out of stick flags from different countries to complement your international buffet. Set the bouquets near food and drink stations.

Send guests invitations that resemble tickets to the big event–swoon!

If there will be kids running around, keep them busy with craft projects based on ready-made sports party rings; they can assemble, paste, paint or glitter them up.