Pizza 101

Favorite tools, killer techniques and the best-ever reheating tip.
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pizza cutter

Top Tools 

We’re not big on extraneous kitchen tools. But when it comes to pizza, there’s a few we can’t do without. Stock up for homemade success with these top choices:

Pizza Cutter It can be hard to get leverage with a traditional round pizza slicer, especially if it’s flimsy. Try this rocking blade cutter for precision slicing every time.

Pizza Peel Simple yet stylish: Use it to remove pizza from a hot oven or grill with ease, then serve it straight from the board. We like stainless steel or bamboo.

Pizza Stone Is it worth it? Yes. Pizza stones are flat pieces of ceramic or earthenware designed to prevent sticking and help your pizza develop a uniform, crispy crust. A square stone also comes in handy for breads and focaccia.

pizza on grill

Top Technique: Grilled Pizza

Homemade pizza on the grill is an easy, satisfying meal all year round. Once you learn how to grill pizza like a pro, you’ll never go back.

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Top Tip: Masterful Reheating

Instead of cold ‘za or a nuked nightmare, reheat day-old pizza by throwing it into a dry nonstick skillet. Cover and cook over medium-low heat for 5 to 10 minutes (watch carefully so it doesn’t burn) to crisp the crust and help the cheese regain its freshly melted, ooey goodness.

pizza on cutting board

What's Your Pizza Personality?

Cooking for the difficult-to-please kid crowd? The die-hard meat-eater? Make a meal that will fit them to a T with these six pies organized by personality type.

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