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Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken Chili How-To

Chili is a perfect weeknight winter dinner when you use your slow cooker and rotisserie chicken.

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Dorothy Kern
Cooking is cathartic for me; I love it. Baking, cooking, it doesn’t matter. I love being in the kitchen over a hot stove making a delicious meal for my family. When I have the time, of course. But lately? Time has been something of an oddity. By the time dinner rolls around I’ve been working all day, baking for some of that time, and the last thing I feel like doing is making dinner. These are the times that my slow cooker becomes my best friend. 

Slow cooker dinner nights are my favorites because I can get dinner prepped and ready in the morning - before I’m too tired. Before my baking starts and my dishes marathon begins, I prep a few things for dinner, throw them into the slow cooker, and presto, dinner is done when everyone is hungry ... even if I’m too tired to cook. I have a few favorite recipes I routinely make in the slow cooker, and chili is one of them. My husband is a chili fanatic, so I try to make it at least a few times in the winter. And, if you make it in the slow cooker, it’s so easy to do, and it makes a ton. This is perfect for the next night - top a baked potato with chili and you have a fast leftover meal! 

Really, this chili is one of the easiest ones I’ve made. Why? Because of the rotisserie chicken. The meat is added at the end of the cooking - no browning needed. When you begin this chili, all you have to do is chop an onion, then throw everything into the pot.

Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken Chili
The secret to the depth of flavor in this chili is the Progresso Recipe Starters Fire-Roasted Tomato packets that you add before cooking. It’s a cooking sauce, infused with fire roasted tomatoes and bell peppers; the perfect accompaniment to chili. And the chili (or taco) seasoning packet takes the guesswork out of what and how many spices to add. The chili is great as a vegetarian meal, but the rotisserie chicken adds some bulk and delicious flavor. Simply stop at the market and pick up a rotisserie chicken on your way home from work. Pull all the meat off the bones (about two to three cups, depending on the size of the bird) and throw it into the slow cooker during the last half-hour of cooking. 

Serve your chili with a garnish of diced onions and pepper jack cheese. Or, top it with sour cream and green onions or chives. Make a toppings buffet so everyone in your family can dress their chili as they wish. This chili is wonderful with Pillsbury Grands! refrigerated golden corn biscuits. They’re just like your favorite Pillsbury biscuit, but with a corn flavor that’s perfect for dipping in chili.

Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken Chili
Dorothy Kern

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