On-the-Go Snacks

Keep guilt-free snacks in your purse to keep energy up, cravings down.

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Stay stoked with 10 simple snack ideas:

  1. Snack before you drop. Don’t wait ‘til you’re weak with hunger. Keep fudgy 90-calorie Fiber One bars in your purse to beat the hungries. Bonus: 20% of your fiber needs done deliciously.
  2. Think ahead. Slice vegetables and pop in the ‘fridge in resealable plastic bags to grab on your way out the door. (If you don’t pack it ahead of time, you’ll reach for a bag of chips when you’re starving.)
  3. No excuses. What’s easier to carry than an apple, orange or banana?
  4. Protein punch. Grab a handful of nuts or a hard-cooked egg when you’re hungry. Fiber + protein makes you feel full and stays with you longer.
  5. Calcium counts. Low-fat string cheese and cheese slices or chunks give you a calcium boost. So does fat-free yogurt.
  6. Better together. Cut an apple in half, core it, fill the middle with peanut butter and pack it to go. Or sprinkle cereal over yogurt for a whole-grain, calcium-boosting snack.
  7. Cool it. Freeze grapes in a resealable plastic bag. Pack ‘em next to your whole-grain turkey or chicken breast sandwich to keep it fresh longer. (Works with a salad, too.)
  8. Crunch appeal. Pack up some crunchy, whole-grain, low calorie cereal to snack on later. Or use it to make a DIY snack mix of cereal, pretzels, nuts, and raisins.
  9. Got seeds? Pumpkin seeds add a fun color and crazy crunch to keep hunger away. Eat them alone or with cereal or yogurt.
  10. Chew on this. Easy-packing dried fruit is an awesome alternative to fresh and is a great mixer with cereal, popcorn, pretzels, nuts or seeds.
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