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Creamy Crab Dip Shooters How-To

Take your party dip to a whole new level with these teeny, très chic shooters.
Brooke McLay
When it comes time to party, it's time to shake things up, which is why a bowl of boring veggie dip won't do. No way! Get with the times. Nowadays it's all about single-serving tidbits. And these adorable dip shooters are about as good as party food gets.

To make this super easy, creamy crab dip, just beat together cream cheese, sour cream, a bit of crab meat and some savory spices.

creamy crab dip in mixing bowl with whisk
Spoon the dip into shot glasses or mini wine glasses. creamy crab dip
Place a few celery sticks and pretzel rods into each glass. Serve and enjoy! creamy crab dip with celery stick garnish