7 Layer Taquitos How-To

Everyone, and we mean everyone, is powerless against these tiny taco dippers.

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When I was 14, I attended a little girls’ night with a bunch of girls from school. We all brought something to share: cookies, brownies, chips, etc. And then the last girl arrived with something called “7-layer dip.” What? What the heck is that? Oh, I found out. Trust me, I found out, and I’ve never looked back. In fact, I now refer to the years without it as the “Dark Ages.” 3 taquitos on a white plate with a cup of dipping sauce
7-layer dip has been a favorite of mine ever since that fateful night. Recently, and take note, I’ve been married for eight years, my husband revealed, in the middle of a warehouse store, that he loves taquitos. Um, repeat that? In eight years of marriage in which you happen to be married to a total foodie and recipe developer, you haven’t told me your secret love for ta-quit-os? (You need to say that last part with a little attitude.) Anyway, I didn’t want to buy frozen so I promised that I would make some at home. ingredients laid out on a countertop
And so began the best night ever. When we got home, our little one was begging for guacamole and I had a brilliant idea: taquitos in guacamole. Oh, not what you were thinking right? Don’t worry, I started getting out a little cheese, beans, and spices and I was suddenly 14 again. taquitos on a white plate with one in the bowl with dipping sauce
Oh my gosh! 7-LAYER TAQUITOS!! YES!!!! Booyah! I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story, and by now you should be ready to make your own. Your family will thank you. If you’re not married, well serve these babies up and you just may be by the end of the night.
Carrian Cheney

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Carrian believes anyone can be successful in the kitchen with a nudge in the right direction. She’s helping us all with her family-friendly recipes, cooking tips and a good dollop of easy, everyday inspiration.

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