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Caramel-Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies How-To

Candy bars inside chocolate chip cookies? It's a double dose of yum.
Andi Bidwell

Have you ever heard of Starlight Mint Surprise Cookies? A recipe with this title won $10,000, which was the second prize in the first Pillsbury® Bake-Off® Contest held in 1949. In this recipe, cookie dough was wrapped around a solid mint-flavored chocolate wafer and a big walnut was pressed on top of each cookie.

1949 Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest 2nd Prize Winner - $10,000 Starlight Mint Surprise Cookies

Filled (or stuffed) cookies are still popular today, 62 years later. They are sometimes stuffed with another cookie. But just like at the first Bake-Off® Contest, these cookies are filled with candy. You need only two ingredients to make the cookies: a package of refrigerated cookies and some fun-size candy bars.

Simply Chocolate Chip cookie dough packaging

This cookie dough comes in dough rounds that are ready to bake.Flatten each dough round slightly and place a candy bar on top. Wrap the dough around the candy bar, leaving a little of the candy bar uncovered.

Fun-size candy bar placed on unbaked cookie, cookie dough wrapped around candy

The baked cookies have a little melted caramel peeking through the tops. These delicious cookies have a bit of ooey, gooey caramel in every bite and are best eaten slightly warm.

Baked chocolate chip cookie with melted caramel in center