Cinnamon Raisin Crescents How-To

Crescents stuffed with raisins and cinnamon butter make a delish morning treat.

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One of my favorite breakfast foods is cinnamon raisin toast. In fact, I like it so much that I could eat the whole loaf! But I think my beloved cinnamon raisin toast has found a top competitor–Cinnamon Raisin Crescents.

Really, what could be better than a buttery, flaky crescent filled with cinnamon butter and raisins and topped with a simple glaze? Easy and delicious, it is my idea of the best breakfast!

Here’s how to make them:

Start by mixing together the butter and cinnamon. Spread the cinnamon butter onto the crescent triangles.

mixing cinnamon paste in bowl, spreading cinnamon on crescent dough
Add on a few raisins and roll up the crescents, starting on the wide side. Bake until they are golden. Cool completely. sprinkling raisins on crescent dough, rolling up crescent
Mix together powdered sugar and milk; drizzle the glaze over the crescents. drizzling crescents with glaze on rack
Serve them up!
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