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Pillsbury Gluten-Free Product Q & A

Questions about gluten-free pie crust, pizza crust or cookie dough? Find the answers here. Check out the how-to videos for helpful tips!

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What products are available gluten-free from Pillsbury®?
Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough, Pillsbury Gluten Free Pie and Pastry Dough, Pillsbury Pizza Dough.

Where can I buy Pillsbury® Gluten Free Dough?
Pillsbury Gluten-Free Dough is available at most major grocery retailers. It’s located in the refrigerated aisle.

Where do I find Pillsbury® Gluten Free Dough in the store?
Look for it in the refrigerated section located next to other Pillsbury items. 

Which stores carry the gluten-free products?
We make every effort to stock our items at your local grocery store. Unfortunately, not all of our items are available at all stores. If you can't find one of our products at your favorite place to shop, use our product locator to find a store near you. 

Is Pillsbury® Gluten Free Dough safe for those with celiac? Are the gluten-free products made on shared equipment or in a shared facility that processes gluten?
Yes, they are safe. Whenever we manufacture gluten-free products, we take specific steps to ensure that the process and equipment used does not provide any opportunity for gluten or gluten-containing ingredients to get into our products. General Mills has stringent programs and precautions in place to ensure the product meets gluten-free requirements. 

Does it contain dairy?
This product is not considered dairy free. 

Does it contain soy?
This product is not considered soy free. 

Is it kosher?

How long will the dough last once the package has been opened?
After opening, dough should be used within a week. 

Can I freeze the dough?
The cookie and pie dough can be frozen, but the pizza dough cannot be frozen.

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